SamAuto presents first sample of bus with CNG engine

Samarkand Automobile Factory (SamAuto) presented the first bus with the engine working on compressed natural gas (CNG), meeting requirements of ecologic standard Euro-4.

The presentation of the bus was held within the official visit of the delegation of ISUZU Motors led by its chairperson Susumu Hosoi to Uzbekistan.

SamAuto at the support of the ISUZU Motors adopted decision to develop a passenger bus with CNG engine, taking into account ecological compatibility and economic profit of the automobiles with CNG engines, as well as high demand to such products.

Currently, the majority of buses with diesel engine were re-equipped to gas fuel or gas diesel, but they were re-equipped by the third organizations and have no guarantee maintenance from SamAuto dealer centers.

The sample of bus with CNG engine was highly rated by representatives of ISUZU Motors and Itochu Corporation and meets high ecologic standard Euro-4. This bus will allow local production of buses to new level.

In line with the Governmental decision, production of commercial automobiles with CNG engine was started in 2011 within the joint project of ISUZU and SamAuto. In 2013, the company started to sell trucks with gas engine in 2013 and a year later the plant received an order for production and supply of special automobiles with CNG engine.

SamAuto and ISUZU Motors have been cooperating efficiently as the Uzbek car-maker increases production of automobiles each year. In February 2015, the plant produced its 20,000th automobile.

As reported earlier, on 29 July 2015, ISUZU Motors Ltd signed an agreement with Uzavtosanoat on purchase of 8% stake in SamAuto and the Japanese company became one of the founders of the car-maker.