Results of the 5th annual technical competition "AutoMechanic” of Samarkand Automobile Factory

 May 26, 2017 - The technical competition was held in Samarkand at the territory of “KOICA” vocational training center. Participants were specialists on maintenance of vehicles based on ISUZU chassis manufactured by Samarkand Automobile Factory (“SamAuto” LLC).


The first prize went to the team of the dealer center located in Namangan city (“NamAvto Universal Trans Service” LLC) represented by the captain Nurillo Saydullayev, vehicle mechanics Vasiliy Bogoslovskiy and Umid Inamov.

The 2d prize went to the team of "Amin-Mulla" dealer center from Urgench city (Khorezm region) represented by mechanics Sherzod Khayitov and Bekhzod Artikov headed by the team captain Yusupbay Yusupov.

The 3d prize was won for the second year in a row by the team of Samarkand dealer center ("AvtoZAZ" LLC), represented by team head Mustafa Zakeryayev, vehicle mechanics were Sukhrobjon Yorbekov and Emil Seytveliev.The winners of the competition have the chance to compete for a position in national team, which will be honored to represent Uzbekistan in ISUZU I-1 Grand Prix World Technician Competition in Japan this fall.


In addition to the prizes, high results of other participants have been marked in following nominations:

Mekhriddin Kakhorov, representative of “Auto Service Sakura LLC, dealer center located in Navoi city, has showed the best result for theoretical assignment.

The best result for practical assignment "Vehicle inspection" has been shown by Tashkent team ("Imagine" LLC) represented by Elmurod Makhmudov and Mukhamadali Khoshimov.

Bakhrom Tashpulatov, member of other Tashkent team ("Grand Motors" LLC), has showed the best result for practical assignment «Engine repair».

The best specialist in terms of vehicle electrical engineering was Davronjon Paygambarkulov represented "Kokand Truck-Bus" dealership of Fergana region.


Features of Technical Competition "AutoMechanic - 2017»

This year participants of 15 dealer centers took part in the technical competition: 2 teams per Tashkent, Fergana and Bukhara regions, 1 team per Samarkand, Namangan, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Syrdarya, Khorezm, Andijan, Navoi regions and Karakalpakstan.For practical part of the competition was chosen ISUZU NPR82L chassis with natural gas fuelled engine this year.

Basic rules and regulations of "AutoMechanic" competition

Any dealership of SamAuto dealer network may submit the application for competition. One dealership may submit only one application request, 1 team per one dealership.

Each team consists of 3 participants: captain and 2 vehicle mechanics.

Captain participates only during the practical part of the contest, his main task is to coordinate vehicle mechanics’ activities, write down all kinds of work carried out by the members of his team.

 "AutoMechanic" technical competition consists of two parts: theoretical and practical ones. The theoretical part is written assignment and only vehicle mechanics take part in it, the team head is not involved during this stage. Participants have 25 questions (tests) and 75 minutes to answer.

 The practical assignment includes 3 stages: vehicle inspection, troubleshooting and engine repair.


The purpose of the "vehicle inspection" stage is to conduct a pre-selling inspection according to the warranty booklet.

The purpose of the "troubleshooting" stage is to find and eliminate deficiencies of ISUZU vehicle.

During "engine repair" part the participants are required to conduct inspection of ISUZU engine and fix it. Each team has 50 minutes for all 3 practical stages. The Commission of the contest should get checked, fixed vehicle and engine after practical assignment.