25 000th vehicle was produced by SAF

   3July 30, 25 000th vehicle was produced in Samarkand Automobile Factory (SAF), the anniversary vehicle was LE60 low-floor city bus.
   SAF, ISUZU Motors and ITOCHU Corporation started cooperation in Uzbekistan in December 2006, since that period have been produced 25 000 vehicles.  
  In 2012 started production of LE60 low-floor city bus. This model of bus was designed and developed by SAF’s engineers. The LE60 bus is longer than other models of buses produced by SAF (its length is 8m), total passenger capacity is 56 persons, 25 seats for passengers, low floor makes access of passengers more comfortable.  
  Nowadays LE60 buses are used not only by transport companies for passengers, but also by industrial companies to transport their employees and in some airports of Uzbekistan.