Results of the 5th annual technical competition "AutoMechanic” of Samarkand Automobile Factory

May 26, 2017 - The technical competition was held in Samarkand at the territory of “KOICA” vocational training center. Participants were specialists on maintenance of vehicles based on ISUZU chassis manufactured by Samarkand Automobile Factory (“SamAuto” LLC).

25 000th vehicle was produced by SAF

July 30, 25 000th vehicle was produced in Samarkand Automobile Factory (SAF), the anniversary vehicle was LE60 low-floor city bus.

SamAuto presents first sample of bus with CNG engine

Samarkand Automobile Factory (SamAuto) presented the first bus with the engine working on compressed natural gas (CNG), meeting requirements of ecologic standard Euro-4.

Isuzu takes share of Samarkand Automobile Factory

Joint stock company Uzavtosanoat and Japanese company Isuzu Motors signed an agreement on realization of 8% stake in the charter capital of Samarkand Automobile Factory (SamAuto)

Samarkand hosts technical contest among ISUZU specialists

Samarkand Automobile College hosted a technical contest among specialists, on providing technical services to vehicles on ISUZU chases, produced at Samarkand Automobile Factory.

SamAuto produces its 20,000th automobile

Samarkand Automobile Factory (SamAuto) hosted a solemn ceremony of the production of the 20,000th automobile on 20 February 2015