TheSamarkand Automobile Factory” LLC mission is to provide enterprises with M3 category buses of I, II, III class and N2, N3 categories trucks as well as to provide truck bodies for transport enterprises and organizations both within the Republic of Uzbekistan and in CIS countries.


Our dream is to become a recognized leader in CIS countries within the market focused on production of buses and trucks.


The main business purpose of the company is to implement the Mission and Vision of the enterprise by means, which meet to the maximum extent possible our customers’ requirements and expectations, to reduce an environmental impact, to create safe working conditions, to maintain a sustainable economic situation within the enterprise and to contribute to the welfare of its staff respectively.


Main activities in the field of international management system:

·         Implementation of activities based  on universally recognized principles of quality management and risk-based thinking to achieve sustainable business success;

·         Production of stable quality products in adherence  of all established requirements of products;

·         Effective planning and  business-plan execution;

·         Assurance  of mutually beneficial relations with customers and relationship optimization with partners and suppliers;

·         Application of efficient advertising policy for continuous market research, active products promotion, customers demand research and obtaining effective customers feedback;

·         Marketing development to ensure a further provision of warranty and after-sales service;

·         Development of new products according to the market demand;

·         Effective personnel management, formation of conditions for the personnel motivation and commitment to ensure quality and effectiveness of their performance;

·         Systematization and accumulation of in-house knowledge to maintain a high professional level of personnel;

·         Improvement of the information system, methodological, technical support of activities of the company;

·         Improvement of industrial infrastructure, rational utilization of existing production equipment;

·         Creation of conditions for higher level of products quality control;

·         Enhancement of production losses.   


Main activities in the field of environmental protection:

·         Environmental protection, including pollution preventing;  

·         Development of new vehicles with new generation engines Euro-4 and Euro-5, including CNG vehicles to reduce significant environmental impact during the period of exploitation;

·         Development of energy-saving technologies and equipment; implementation of new alternative energy sources;

·         Utilization of technology, equipment and materials that have less negative environmental impact;

·         Optimization of production processes, reduction of specific consumption of natural resources and energy per production unit;

·         Reduction of consumption a production waste, efficient use and recycling;

·         Minimization of accidents risks and other emergency, mitigation its environmental effects;

·         Monitoring the environmental impact of the company in the production process;

·         Development, implementation and monitoring measures to reduce the identified  significant environmental impacts;

·         Training of the personnel units focused on the environment matters. 


Main activities in the field of health protection and occupational safety:

·          Reduction of a negative production impact on the employees’ health as well as those of third-party organizations who carry out work and stay within the enterprise;

·         Promotion of the personnel awareness of the safety culture;

·         Minimization  of risks of accidents or other unforeseen situations, mitigation of their effects on  the employees’ health during production and implementation of changes in process;

·         Monitoring of working conditions;

·         Development,  implementation and monitoring of measures to reduce significant hazards and health risks  of employees of the company  and individuals under its control;

·         Provision of workers with the means of individual and collective protection, sanitary facilities and amenities, medicated products;

·         Promotion of public control to observe the rights and legitimate interests of workers;

·         Prevention of industrial injuries and occupational diseases.


The Company’s Management agrees to ensure the implementation of objectivities and activities by means as follows:

·          Evaluation and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements as well as local and international, sectorial and corporate documents  in the field of quality, environment, occupational safety and health, applicable to the activities of enterprise, both mandatory and voluntary, including requirements of collective agreement;

·         Allocation of necessary resources to achieve goals and objectives;

·         Implementation of actions in relation to risks and opportunities and corrective actions;

·         Conduction of a fair and constructive dialogue with all interested parties by providing information and timely response to their application ;

·         Periodic review of the company's IMS policy for maintaining its compliance;

·          Involvement  of all staff to carry out the goals and objectives;

·         The implementation of an integrated management system in compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and their continuous improvement.